Search engine optimization – demand effects, not promises!

It is by far the most effective form of advertising. Presence in the first 10 google results will increase traffic on your website by up to 500 percent.

Customers who order the search engine optimization can be assured that we will not charge them any fees until the guaranteed keywords will not appear on TOP 10 Google!

You pay for the effects, not promises!

We also do not charge any startup fee, installation or other fees. At a fixed price you receive the whole package containing:

  • SWOT analysis showing the opportunities and threats, strengths and weaknesses of your website
  • Selection of appropriate keywords and positioning strategy
  • Optimize your site’s source code so that it is more search engine friendly
  • Installing visitor statistics to help you control the effectiveness of your campaign
  • Build and maintain high positions on Google (usually TOP 10, although we can also guarantee TOP 5, TOP 3)
  • Regular position reports

IT Geeks mission

We highly believe that creative entrepreneurship is one of the greatest human ability and enterprising people drive our world. Our mission is to help you to instant success – to enrich and enjoy life!





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